This is an example of the types of effects my customers can expect even after one session.

‘I wish I had taken a photo before the first treatment, because it was hard to believe that so much could be achieved in one session.

After a difficult separation I knew the stress was showing in my face and wanted to treat myself to a little boost. What I got was so much more.

Lari is a true healer – not only are the visible signs of stress and age disappearing fast from my face, something has shifted inside and I feel so much lighter, happier and more confident. Thank you very much.’



Lari has a unique ability to look at a person’s face and identify immediately what needs to be in better balance.

I went to see her to improve my breathing as one side of my nose had felt blocked for years. She worked her magic and in 3 sessions I was able to take deep breaths again!

I also noticed that my skin tone was overall brighter and bags under my eyes had faded out.

Lari’s approach is fascinating as she combines various techniques serving both inner and outer well-being.’



‘Lari did 4 sessions on my nose who has been not exactly straight most of my life, giving me problems with my sinuses & affecting how beautiful I felt.

I felt an instant relief and could breathe much better after first session.

Lari also worked on my falling eyelids which always made me look and feel a bit closed off.

Four sessions on, my nose is almost completely straight now, my eyes fully open, my face is more symmetrical & I feel more beautiful‘.


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