My unique rejuvenating, lifting and sculpturing massage method allows for work on all aspects of face and feet appearance.

Whether you want to reduce your wrinkles, raise your eyelids or reshape your nose, my non-invasive technique is the perfect answer.

Aspects of face I work on include:

• modelling of the face oval
• lifting the dropping eyelids
• lifting and modelling of the cheeks
• lips modelling
• lifting of the mouth corners
• modelling of the nose (including streightening of the nasal septum)
• modelling of the chin
• smoothing the skin in the neck and face
• skin’s tension improvement
• skin pores narrowing
• removing mimics wrinkles
• correcting defects (following accidents, trauma or naturally occuring)
• gradual elimination of wrinkles and fine lines by the reactivation of the muscles
• gradual improvement of the skin through stimulation of the circulatory system

Benefits of my treatments include:


  1. Improved appearance
  2. Healthy complexion
  3. Activation of natural collagen
  4. Improved blood circulation to face and head
  5. Skin better absorbs beauty and colour cosmetics products
  6. Improved face muscles conditioning
  7. Improved apperance of concern areas
  8. Better breathing (especially when working on streightening the nasal septum)
  9. Reduced stress
  10. Improved cognitive function and concentration
  11. Increased confidence (majority of my clients feel that way after the first treatment)
  12. Reduced joint pain (ankles, knees, hips)
  13. Improvement in the shape of the legs
  14. Reduced leg pain and swallowing
  15. Improved blood and lymphatic circulation in legs
  16. Reduced bunions size and pain (even from the first treatment)
  17. Improved feet shape
  18. Improved posture
  19. Reduced back pain
  20. Reduced visibility of scars
  21. Reduced facial defects (following accidents or any natural deformations)

If your feet are constantly tired, you have bunions or flatfoot, I can help you. If you are experiencing joint pain, back pain, have uneven hips or the length of your legs, you will find my method extremely helpful from the first treatment.

To truly deal with bunions and other feet problems, we need to address your whole legs, other joints and even your spine.

My unique method is perfect for:

  • bunions
  • flatfoot
  • posture, legs and feet defects
  • painful and tired feet
  • painful knees
  • hip pain and placement
  • back pain
  • swollen legs
  • improvement in walking comfort

You can see the difference even after one session. However, 6-10 sessions are advisable to make the changes permanent.

You can book your session HERE. I see my clients on South Molton Street in Mayfair. One session costs £190 or you can purchase a package of 6 sessions for £950 giving you one complimentary session.

If you have any questions about the treatments, please feel free to email me on