Hi…I’m Lari Yugai and thanks for visiting my website.

For over 45 years I’ve helped my clients look and feel younger and more beautiful.

I have a range of qualifications in alternative medicine, rehabilitation, natural medicine, acupressure, traditional oriental massage and other massage techniques. I’ve applied all these techniques and my experience to create my own method which has extraordinary results in lifting and reshaping faces and feet.

Because of the amazing results my clients get, I have grown my business purely through word of mouth in Poland…with people travelling from all over the world for my treatments.

Many of my London clients encouraged me to share my magic in the UK so I am now offering my treatments in central London.

I have a huge passion for natural beauty and look forward to helping you look and feel younger and more beautiful without any invasive treatments.

Check out the rest of my website for more details on how you can enjoy more youthful looks and happier feet.

Very best wishes,


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